Smart Paints Turpentine Paint Thinner 3040

Smart Paints Turpentine Paint Thinner 3040

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Turpentine 3040 is a solvent commonly used for thinning oil-based paints (e.g. alkyd paint) and cleaning brushes and equipment after painting


– Improves paint consistency
– Reduces risk of imperfection
– White-spirit hydrocarbon solvent
– Cost effective


a) For Thinning Paint

1. Ensure surface to be painted is clean, dry and prepared in accordance to paint manufacturer’s instructions

2. Ratio of Turpentine 3040 to paint should be in accordance with paint manufacturer’s guidelines. All equipment used in mixing and applying the mixture should be clean and dry. When mixing paint and thinner, do use accurate measures. Add thinner to paint slowly and stir. Mix thoroughly before application

b) General Cleaning

Wet a lint-free cloth with Turpentine 3040 and wipe surface to remove dried residue


This product is flammable. Cans should be stored in a sealed condition. Product should be stored at temperature below 25 degree, and storage condition must be dry, well ventilated, away from sources of heat and blast